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Bring your presence, your tears, and your laughter. SheCircle is a time to be with ourselves, and connect with each other. This monthly ritual is for anyone who identifies as female, to gather and explore a word or topic that feels relevant to being a female human. Our time together is spent in guided meditation, a mate' ceremony, writing, and sharing.


 What is SheCircle? 

SheCircle is a monthly ritual of connecting with ourselves and each other.

How did it start?

Two women (Rachel Hall & Ana Yazdi) craving connection and community, and a desire to share their gifts.

Who is invited? 

Anyone who identifies as female and has a desire to connect.

What will happen? 

Connecting with ourselves and each other through guided meditation, writing, and a time of sharing.  Each month a different theme.

Where is it? 

We meet on Zoom link on upcoming events page.

What time? 

6:30PM- 8:00PM


$20 - no one turned away for lack of funds. 


Questions, concerns or RSVP email us at: shecirclela(at)

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