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SheCircle is Hosted By: 


Rachel Hall 

Rachel works with groups and coaches individuals, in support of unpacking the ways in which inherited familial mythologies and cultural stories influence us and then block us from being who we truly are. Her interests are in desire, how to find it, realize it, know it in the body, and find clarity and a path forward for attaining our hearts deepest longings.  Rachel works with the premise that desire itself is our guide and teacher. Her greatest love is bringing humans together in a safe container to  be able to tell the truth.  Out of this love SheCircle was born; a Womens Circle created by Rachel and Ana to explore ourselves and each other. Rachel has a 13 year old daughter and a dog named IGGY, and loves to dance, write, and travel the world for extended periods of time. Reach out to Rachel to work together.


Ana Yazdi 

Ana attended the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. She has 20+ years experience in the wellness. In her practice she blends body and energy work to realign imbalances so the body can remember to do what it was created to do- heal itself. These healing practices soothe the physical body, including the nervous with the emotional system. 


True healing occurs when there’s alignment with all parts of a person- body, mind & heart


Ana is also currently attending The School of Applied Functional Medicine. She will soon expand her practice to offer wellness coaching- helping them get to the root causes of dis-ease. 

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