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It’s going to be okay.

It really is.

We will face this situation together with love, humour and patience.

We will weep together, we will laugh together.

We will discover togetherness in our apartness.

We will be called to face very difficult feelings inside of us.

Fear. Grief. The loss of an old way of life. Our devastated plans.

We will learn to face ourselves. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Nowhere to go except within.

We will learn to face our boredom. Our restlessness. The part of us that wants to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else, having some other experience, in some other Now, living in some other life.

We will let go of the wonderful future we had planned.

We will let the fantasy future die, release it, and grieve it.

We will return to the solidity and warmth of the present.

We will make the present into our home.

We will begin again, here, build a new house on new soil.

We will explore a new way of life.

Strange, at first. But full of possibility.

Slower. Kinder. Quieter.

We will talk to each other honestly about death, and life, and impermanence, and how we feel about all the changes that have come to us and our loved ones.

We will learn to value life a little more.

Yes, perhaps we will learn to value life a little more.

And live with our hearts cracked slightly open to the elements.

And lean into uncertainty, and find our salvation there.

None of us are immune to change.

To rupture. To the shattering of old, familiar forms.

This is the way of things, this has always been the way of things.

From this perspective, nothing has gone wrong.

Crisis simply means “turning point”, and none of us are immune from the turning.

The breaking of the old makes way for the birth of new.

It has always been this way.

Love. Humour. Patience.

With these things, we will come through.

Stronger than before.



- Jeff Foster

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