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We never rehearsed this

We are a mess

We tremble and perspire

We step on each other’s toes

Sometimes we go out of tune

And forget our lines

But at least this is real

At least we are not half-alive

Buried under the weight of some image

We never believed in anyway

I will always take this imperfect dance

Over no dance at all

- Jeff Foster

Notes On Violet By ANA


Like most plant allies, they can be used as medicine in different ways for different reasons

Most plants have hundreds of different phytonutrients which is why they often have so many different uses.

But the also have different characteristics and ‘vibrations’

Flower remedies are vibrational medicine, much like homeopathy, but usually, flower remedies are more focused on an emotional aspect or imbalance where homeopathy tends to focus on the biophysical aspects of imbalances.

Violet is used as a flower remedy to work with overcoming Shyness while maintaining core Authenticity.

One of my delights as spring approaches is finding little charming violets gently emerging from the Earth at the slightest hint of expanding light and warmth.

Meditative contemplation for this flower is interesting. Roughly translated into human words the Violet declares, “I awaken at the slightest hint of rising light. I long to expand, yet I must also remain contained. I need the dark moist coolness of the earth to stabilize my core. I seek the light, and yet I can only bear the most gentle nudge of rising light, it is then and only then, that I can flower.”

As its name implies, the Violet flower is colored in rich purple, emitting a delicately sweet aroma.

The Violet flower type is one who can easily access higher planes of consciousness. He or she is naturally drawn toward states of positive solitude, including prayer, meditation or contemplation. So deep is the nourishment drawn from inner states of reality, that the violet type can easily find many social interactions to be frivolous or superficial.

It is exactly on this point that the Violet is challenged. How to extend the Self, to rally sufficient warmth from the Core of one’s heart in order to meet the social periphery.

Even within the physical body of the Violet type, there is something held back from the extremities – the hands are often cool, and perhaps ever so slightly moist. The physical constitution can be inwardly strong, yet outwardly delicate – for instance easily chilled, or prone to react to any environmental adversity.

A practitioner of flower remedies wrote “When I discovered flower essence therapy in my early forties, the violet flower was my saving grace. A steady use of the violet flower essence was remarkable. I began to feel a connection to my own authentic self, yet at the same time to find a bridge of presence for others. I found my own unique way of working with Reiki and other modalities. The work I do is a quiet gentle type of healing, I like to apply the essences topically – that’s amazing, for I never felt comfortable touching others until I took Violet flower. Without the Violet flower essence, I think I would have remained isolated in the cave of my home being a mother but nothing further, basically hiding out from the world.”

For me, this emergence is closely tied to feeling safe. As I read about Violet, I decided I actually really resonated with this essence and ordered some

Although Bach Flower remedies are the most well known, I prefer buying my flower essences from smaller companies that make their remedies from smaller batches. is where I ordered my violet essence

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