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My breasts feel pendulous and heavy

a burden I don’t remember signing on for.

Divine laughter. Maybe I was a man the last life with a glorious wife with sexy pendulous breasts. I dreamed somewhere inside of me to become her. So here I am, miserable, fleshy bags holding me down. I did not know her burden, the feeling of her flesh from the inside and now I do. Missing my tiny rosebuds.

Or, perhaps in my last life I was a young woman, dreaming of someday growing her own pair of tits. But alas, my life was cut unseasonably short and as I was flying through the tunnel of light into my next life I screamed “Let me grow! I want to grow old enough for giant jugs that bounce and wave and eventually fall to my knees!!”

And here I am feeling them droop towards my knees with the weight of hatred, sadness and powerlessness that life doles upon one from time to time.

By: Lily Buckner

Notes On Clevers

by Ana

In honor of breasts, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite plant allies that support breast health- CLEAVERS

Her main job is a balancer of the lymphatic system. This includes reducing inflammation of lymph glands and cysts in breasts. She provides relief from congestion in breasts and reduces swelling by clearing excess waste from the body. She has the potential to alleviate soreness as well

Cleavers is also a great ally for skin health, known to successfully treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis and abscesses.

Her soothing nature can help heal wounds and sunburns

As a tea, beverage or tincture she helps with insomnia, soothes the nervous system, eases pms symptoms and helps alleviate headaches, among her many other benefits

As stated above, she can also be used topically. She’s one of the special herbs I use to make my breast salve, meant to be used for breast massage.

If you find cleavers in your yard, put a handful in a blender, add water and blend. Let it sit for a half hour, then strain and drink! Refrigerate the leftovers for up to a week

In conversations, I’m realizing that most people think of breasts usually in 3 contexts

1- sexual

2- food

3- cancer/illness

So when women touch their breasts, it’s usually in one of those 3 contexts

I’d like to shed some light on another way to connect with our breasts. Because they are part of the heart center, they are part of our emotional bodies. Taking time to connect with them and to feel gratitude for them, and in general, is a beautiful way to connect to our breasts

Breast massage is a beautifully supportive. It can help move blood and lymph, helping prevent illness, and connect us to ourselves and our hearts.

I encourage a regular practice of breast massage as a way to express self love and care.

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