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Stop comparing yourself

with anyone else.

You are unique! You are irreplaceable!

Comparison is the root of all inner violence!

Comparison makes you feel 'better than' or 'worse than'.

Comparison splits your attention.

Comparison is the fast-track to suffering and stress.

Comparison makes you forget your True Nature

as perfect wholeness and rest.

Feel your feet on the ground. Don't compare your feet.

Notice your breathing rising and falling. Don't compare your breath.

Feel the sensations in your face. Your hands. Your belly. Don't compare them.

Feel the weight of your body, let it drop into the Earth. Don't compare it.

Listen to the sounds around you right now. Don't compare them.

Feel all the tingly, alive, fluttering, pulsating sensations in your body. Don't compare them. Let the body be as it is.

Feel the heat, the cold, the aching, the expansion, the pulse of life. Don't compare anything here to anything 'there'.

'There' is the lie.

Bring your attention back here, to this living moment.

Don't compare it with any other moment.

Don't make it 'more than' or 'less than'.

Bless it with your attention.

You are a unique child of the Universe.

The Universe never compares you.

There's literally nothing to compare you to.

- Jeff Foster

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Teddy Roosevelt

Notes on Daily Detox


No matter how clean you live, you can’t escape toxins. You come in contact with toxins daily. A great way to lighten your detox load is by implementing daily practices such as the ones below᠃

WARM LEMON WATER- first thing in the a.m. helps to detox and cleanse the channels in the body, including the liver

DRY BRUSH- helps stimulate circulation and drain toxins out of the body through the lymphatic system

TONGUE SCRAPER- removes bacteria and toxins that build up overnight. I also use it in the evening


EAT LARGEST MEAL IN THE AFTERNOON- your body is in tune with nature. Your digestion is strongest when the sun is at its highest. In the evening, enjoy a light, easily digestible meal.

NO GRAZING IN BETWEEN MEALS- leave at least a 3 hr gap in between meals to allow your body to digest each meal fully. You have something called the migrating motor complex that cleans your colon up in between meals, kind of like built-in janitors

SLEEP HYGIENE- early bed time, preferably by 10 pm (I struggle with this one) and prepping your body for sleep, giving it signals to wind down, is optimal. Sleep is when our body recovers

OILING- nourishes and hydrates your nerves (nervous system). I enjoy infusing my own oils- see post from August 23 for more on this

I hope this inspires you to support your sweet body so it can support you.

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