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"Desire is choicless you have no say in what you want."

-Kasia Urbaniak

Desire takes a great ability to hush out all of the other voices that whisper, speak, yell and scream their bad advice, suggestions, have toos, reasons why you can’t have the very thing your soul mind body heart are asking for.

Why do we let those things deviate us from a path that some part of us knows is the only way to thrive in this earthly environment.

How do you know a desire is a desire? Is there a difference or distinction between desire, want, need?

What do you burn for inside?

Do you trust your desire? If so why? If not why?

Who’s voice is in your head that distracts you from what you really?

Holiday Mocktail


For the upcoming holiday season, I want to offer a mocktail recipe

I love a good cocktail, but it doesn’t always love me back.

Mocktails are great because they scratch that itch when you feel like celebrating, but not having a hangover. They can also keep you from feeling FOMO while others are imbibing around you, and they can be nutritious and stimulate well-being!

Here’s a recipe for a beautiful spiced, sparkling mocktail infused with ashwagandha and warmly fragrant with the flavors o cinnamon, allspice, orange and any others you love

It gives you the benefits of holiday spices in a cold beverage.

The abhwagandha I like to use for this beverage is actually from a functional beverage you can buy in a can from a company called Drink Free Rain. They have different flavors with different herbs. The one I recommend for this mocktail is their Ashwagandha with Blood Orange and Ginger

If you want to go all home made, you can infuse your own dried ashwagadha root with ginger and orange peel.

Other Ingredients or spices:

(Make sure they’re all organic)

⁃ Cinnamon sticks

⁃ Cardamom

⁃ All Spice

⁃ Orange Peel

⁃ Touch of black pepper

⁃ Some like to add cloves. Although they’re really healthy, I personally don’t love the flavor of cloves and I feel they’re overpowering, so I keep them out.

Add sweetener of choice to turn spices into syrup— I like organic honey. Maple syrup would also be yummy

Simmer spices with sweetener in water and reduce by half. Whisk together after done simmering and store in the fridge.

To serve, add syrup to a glass with ice and top with Free Rain ashwagandha infused sparkling beverage or your home-made ashwagandha infusion and top with sparkling water.

If you make this, please send it to my instagram at apotheka5 so I can share it in my stories :)

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