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Mary Oliver

Today I’m flying low and I’mnot saying a wordI’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

The world goes on as it must,the bees in the garden rumbling a little,the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten.And so forth.

But I’m taking the day off.Quiet as a feather.I hardly move though really I’m travelinga terrific distance.


One of the doorsinto the temple.

Notes on Doshas


In Ayurvedic medicine, a Dosha refers to a bodily humor (or bio-energy center)

The term comes from the Sanskrit dosa, meaning “fault” or “disease.”

There are three doshas in total: vata, pitta and kapha. Their energies are believed to circulate in the body and govern physical, mental and emotional characteristics.

In the Autumn Season, many deal with a Vata imbalance which leads to dryness

This doesn’t just refer to dryness of the skin, but also, internal dryness.

Symptoms of dryness or a Vata imbalance include - bloating & gas, constipation, dehydration & unwanted weight loss. Dry and lightness of the mind, which can look like restlessness, dizziness, feeling ungrounded. Cold; poor circulation, muscle spasm or constriction, asthma, pain and aches, tightness. And roughness, especially skin and lips.

One of my favorite herbs to soothe the dryness of Vata is Marshmallow

There aren’t many herbs more gentle than her — using gentle herbs to bring relief to ailments is common amongst practiced herbalists

Marshmallow loves a room temp to cool, overnight infusion and is ready to ready as it is, or warmed up, in the morning.

She supports a wonderful way to start your day with softness

Go gently inward, as the Autumn season guides us to do. Our bodies need gentle, rooted medicine during this time of year. Nurture yourself with tenderness and Marshmallow

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