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Notes on chamomile

by Ana


As ya’ll have probably figured by now, I love nervines.

As a reminder, in case you don’t remember, nervines are herbs that calm and nurture the nervous system.

The holidays can be fun and exciting, but they can also cause a lot of anxiety, for everyone from those who are around a lot of family to those who are alone

One of my favorite nervines is actually the first herbal plant I got to know - CHAMOMILE

When used consistently, she can help gently lift us out of low moods and tells our vagus nerve (the most important nerve in the parasympathetic N.S.) that we’re safe

Most people know this about chamomile, but she also has other, lesser known characteristics that most people may not know about:

On a physical level, she’s a great antispasmodic which means great at supporting muscle cramps, period cramps, dry coughs and gut pain

She’s also great at helping clean out the liver, which means she’s great clearing out excess estrogen. Yes! We actually have to detox estrogen and it’s mostly up to the liver to do this.

A vast majority of women deal with estrogen dominance which leads to all sorts of health issues. Everything from a struggling metabolism, exhaustion, mental health issues, gut issues, sleep issues as well as cancer.

Anything that helps move out estrogen is amazing !

She’s also good at controlling blood sugar and is considered an anti-diabetic!

I love buying her whole flowers and drinking her as a tea with a little honey and lemon.

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