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Do not reject a sense of rejection,

or abandon a feeling of abandonment.

Do not resist your resistance,

or run away from the urge to run away.

Do not make sadness sad by leaving it,

or enrage anger by disconnecting.

Or make loneliness more lonely

by pushing it away.

Hold the broken heart

with as much love

as the happy heart.

Never lose the sense of being lost,

and do not doubt the presence of doubt.

Do not fear fear,

or desire the absence of desire,

or worry about worry;

and if you do,

don’t worry!

All parts of you are sacred,

the light and the dark alike.

All are worthy,

deserving of unconditional love.

~Jeff Foster

Notes on Echinacea


Echinacea is known for strengthening and fortifying the immune system.

Commonly, she’s used to shorten the duration of the common cold or flu.

She’s also often recommended to help boost immune function while fighting infections, including urinary tract and upper respiratory viral infections.

Echinacea is an immunostimulant and should be avoided by most people with Auto-immune dysregulation

Herbal use of echinacea is not meant to be taken on a daily, long-term basis- more so for short-term, acute situations

The plant spirit of echinacea extends those qualities to include the whole landscape of our energetic and emotional bodies, influencing the overall integrity of our immune system

Beyond taking echinacea in capsules or tinctures, her flower essence is a friendly, yet strong ally for maintaining a strong sense of self amidst chaos, change and upheaval- like a doctor for your Soul

When challenged by stress, illness resurfacing of old trauma, physical and/or emotional disintegration of self, or anything that threatens all systems of the body- including physical, emotional and energetic- echinacea allows one to do what’s needed to cultivate inner resource, remaining in contact with the strength of both the human self and inner, true nature.

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