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"Sometimes we need to be the space around our body and know, “I am not the body”, and sometimes we need to enter the world of feeling and sensation fully, and know, “I am the body, too”. Sometimes we need to bring spacious Awareness to feelings, wrap our arms ever so lightly around them, be the holding environment for them, and sometimes we just need to feel our feelings more fully, we need them to penetrate us completely, we need to surrender to our broken and fragile and fiery humanity, in awe and in reverence, and weep and scream and shake and sigh and feel as bad or as good as we need to feel in order to feel better again.

Sometimes we need to breathe in, sometimes we need to breathe out.

To slow down. To speed up.

To rise, to fall.

To fail. To get back up.

To not know what the fuck we are doing.

To stop. To begin again.

To smile at our mistakes.

To be here.

Those who say “You are not the body”, are only half-right.

Those who say “You are the body”, are only half-right.

We will never work it out.

We have no choice in the end, anyway.

We must all join the dance."

- Jeff Foster

Notes on Hawthorne


Hawthorne’s essential properties are healing and love

The Hawthorne tree has for centuries been sacred to many Indigenous people around the world.

Hawthorne has small, tart berries and white or pink flowers, surrounded by thorns.

She’s featured as a magical tree in a variety of folklore stories

Her edible berries, along with her flowers and leaves are a heart tonic-

In herbal medicine, a tonic is used to help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being.

As a nutritive herb, she can restore damaged heart tissue, strengthen the heartbeat, and regulate blood pressure.

Hawthorne can also support joints, veins, tendons and ligaments.

She also helps with circulation, improving blood flow to the extremities.

Hawthorne’s medicine is gentle, so a tea or tincture can be taken long term.

My prayer is that we are collectively moving into a time of healing. Hawthorne is a reliable ally to support us in this.

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