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she is water

soft enough to offer life

tough enough

to drown it away

~Rupi Kaur

Notes on Water by ANA

It has been said that the only thing worth dying for is life itself.

It has also been said that water is life

Nearly 100% of the population suffers from chronic long term dehydration, but we don’t realize it because the symptoms manifest as dis-ease

People think they’re sick, but they’re really thirsty.

Counterintuitively, it’s not just about drinking more water- rather it’s about drinking ‘wetter’ water, with a molecular structure that will actually penetrate cells, and minerals that support cellular function

A proper, well-rounded therapeutic re-hydration protocol can:

-help reverse premature aging

-eliminate pains, including heartburn, arthritis and headaches

-eliminate asthma in some, naturally and forever

-reverse hypertension without diuretics

-help weight support weight loss without dieting

-help phase 3 of detoxification- excretion through urination

And so much more. If you’re interested in taking a ‘deeper dive’ into the wondrous world of water, check out Dr. Batmanghelidj’s work - there are videos on youtube

You are 70% water by volume, but 99.92% water moleculary

Your cerebral spinal fluid is only one molecule different from sea water. It is constantly transmitting through vibration and light.

If you were able to peak into the central ventricle of your brain, a large cavernous lake that bathes your pineal and pituitary glands in this seawater, you would literally see sparks of light being emitted!

We are the way water walks, instead of flows

If you don’t already, please drink pure, clean water. If you can’t afford a complete home system, I highly recommend the Berkey Water filter. I’ve done my research and many home systems that cost thousands of dollars compare themselves to the Berkey.

It’s also a good idea to add minerals to your water.

Here is a link to a good inexpensive mineral and Berkey

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