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Dr. Mallory Aye: Licensed Naturopathic doctor, specializing in women’s health and mental health. Dr. Aye also specializes pelvic floor therapy and uses this modality to help patients dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction. Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center

Ana Yazdi: Wellness Guide~ Functional Medicine health coach, body & energywork for nervous system reset, AmpCoil frequency technology,  herbal advocator, She Circle co-host.

Rachel Hall: Senior Rolf Method Practitioner, Director of Mindful Youth Collaborative, Mindfulness Consultant working with Individuals and Groups, SheCircle Co-host. &

Emilia Richeson is a queer femme performer, aerobics instructor, and business owner living in Los Angeles.  She is the creator/director of Pony Sweat, a "fiercely noncompetitive" dance aerobics practice that celebrates anti-perfectionism and embodied expression. She dances and plays drums in the band, Object as Subject. 

Rev. Haize Hawke is a Heart-Led Spiritual Mentor Facilitator and MasterDoula. Haize is a dancer and choreographer. Facilitator of Spiral Sister Circles, Red Tent: Rites of Passage Ceremonies, and Senior Student Midwife. IG: @iamhaizehawkerosen and Facebook: Haize Hawke

Michelle Tascoe: Financial Life Coach, Guest Financial Expert on the Dr. Phil Show, Servant leader, Mom of 3!

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