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Up Coming Dates For SheCircle 


January 21, 2024
10:30 AM- 12:00PM


SheCircle goes virtual.  WE NEED OUR COMMUNITY MORE THAN EVER.  Join us as we gather to support each other.  Each circle will include a time of meditation, guidance on immune system herbal support, writing, and sharing.  We understand that we are in unprecedented times and so many of us are unemployed with with the global pandemic we are in. Please join us regardless of your ability to offer anything financially. YOUR PRESENCE IS OF SO MUCH VALUE, and if you are in a position to donate we graciously accept your support and are very grateful.

Questions, concerns or RSVP email us at: shecirclela(at)

SheCircle Container Agreements

1.We do not offer advice, questions, solutions, or feedback on anyone's shares, or anything else. Anytime. Ever. This is a protected space of sharing about ourselves, our experience, from the "I". SheCircle is a space where a woman can say whatever she needs to say without any feedback. With this boundary in place we get to fully express ourselves with whatever is true for us right now. This in itself is a sacred ritual.  

2.There is nothing to fix because no one is broken, not even ourselves.

3.There are no wrong feelings.

4.There is time and room to find your own way, please take part in the pieces that feel right to you and we invite you to pass on whatever you would like.  Passing is its own radical action.

5.We trust that whatever is happening for ourselves and others is ok.

Future Dates: 


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