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Acceptance means fully acknowledging the facts of a situation and not fixating on how it shouldn't be that way.

Resignation(Means you've decided that there's nothing you can do

about your situation Followed by

helplessness )vs acceptance (Means accepting that the situation

happened or exists Opens up


Force vs acceptance

Acceptance vs surrender

Surrendering is joining the winning team.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

How do I accept myself?

How do I accept the ordeal of being human?

How do I accept the inconvenient truths about what being a human is?

How do I understand when to motivate for change? When to shake it up and push back?

Where in my life is acceptance out of balance with change?

Notes on the changing of the season

by ANA

It’s almost Fall ya’ll ! Idk about you, but it’s visceral for me. Even though we’re having a bout of heat right now, it still feels like Fall. I can feel it in the way the light has changed and in the cooler mornings.

Today, I’m going to make some best practice suggestions for thriving during the change of season.

First (and this one is also a note to self) - start adjusting your sleep schedules. We’re meant to go to sleep and wake up with the light. This is called our circadian rhythm. This adjustment came naturally for humans before the invention of artificial light.

Begin with making a mental note that we are going into shorter days and longer nights. This means planning for an earlier bedtime. Be realistic with this goal. If you’re already going to bed at 9 pm, this doesn’t mean go to bed at 8. But if you’ve been going to bed at midnight, shoot for 10:30 or 11.

To help with this, minimize blue light exposure. You can do this by dimming your phone / computer, wearing blue blockers, and using red lights in your home in the evenings.

When I wear my blueblockers, I can almost feel my brain making melatonin.

Second, make sure to stay active. Earlier sunsets and cooler temps make it super easy to want to stay indoors, lay around and hibernate, which is all natural for this time of year. But make sure that you’re still getting fresh air and moving your body, even if it’s just getting out to tend to your garden. Better yet, enjoy some long nature walks. And make sure to touch the earth to get exposed to some of her beneficial bacteria.

The tendency to be too sterile, especially with hand sanitizers (which I’m vehemently against, unless, they’re from natural ingredients ), actually compromises innate immunity by killing beneficial bacteria on the skin

To review this point : Wash your hands, yes. But also, touch dirt. And get rid of the hand sanitizer!

Third, embrace slowing down. It may seem like I’m giving your mixed messages by saying move your body and slow down. But not really. Moving your body is not the same as over-extending yourself. The colder months are really meant for us to do less.

Activities like reading books, watching movies, having game nights and always remembering to allow joy in when possible are so yummy and good for us, especially during this time of year.

Eat Fall foods like broccoli (this is an all-year-round veggie for me, but especially hits the spot in the fall), cauliflower, root veggies Brussel sprouts, rutabaga, heirloom carrots, sweet potatoes, and winter squash.

And lastly, remember your Vitamin D. For those of your in sunnier places, if you have the luxury of a private outdoor space, morning sun exposure on as much skin as possible is the best way. If supplementing with

Vitamin D, it’s crucial to take it in its final form - D3, and in combination with K2, A and magnesium.

Happy Fall ya’ll <3

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